amorette (ex_amorette) wrote in unique_icon,

Apply here and receive a rigorous inspection!

Yes, this is where you post a few icons and I decide whether or not they're unique.

I'm not going to tell you want to improve on.
I am going to figure out if your icons are just like everyone else's or not.

1. Post five to nine icons that you think are different from most of the trends running rampant at any given moment. You may also post a link to your icon journal/community as long as it's an open journal/community. You can be a self-proclaimed expert or a novice, like me; I don't care. All I care about is whether your icons are uncommon.

2. Join the community. You will be put into the moderation queue.

3. I will peer at your icons.

4. I will look at a few icon communities to see if there are dozens of other icons that look extremely similar to your icons.

5. If your icons are fabulously different from everything else, you will be approved and a lovely LJ generated email alerting you to this fact will be yours!

6. Posting access will also be yours.

7. Do not apply with unique icons and then post 80 trendy icons. Trendy icons have a million other places to play... they don't play here.

8. No drama. It makes me do funny things... like ban you.

9. When posting, please post no more than six icons outside of an lj cut.

10. Put "just like everybody else" in your subject line to assure me that you've read my ever so stringent rules!

Thank you!
Tags: application, rules
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